Here’s a confession…We’re robbers…of delicate moments, of shy smiles, of hearty laughs, of nervous gazes, of love stories.

At I DONT SAY CHEESE, we’re all about those moments…Moments that are treasured for eternity. Moments that have that magic to instantly flood your heart with emotions as nostalgia evokes the most beautiful memories. We are storytellers and our passion is to translate that feeling of a fleeting second into a photograph that does indeed speak a thousand words.

Our journey started with our founder (I Dont Say Cheese) and Chief Photo Ninja, Gaurav Gupta finding his deep passion for physics intersect with his creative leaning towards his camera. An avid reader and a curious soul (sometimes to a fault!), he let his frames capture people, places and stories. With his celebrated background in photo-journalism, he delved into wedding photography. His love for people and an ardent passion for their stories allowed for him to really capture couples at their candid best.

As the official ‘cheese keepers’ and the driving force behind I DONT SAY CHEESE, he has transformed the company to a beacon of photography that celebrates love in its most natural form. Over these seven years, we’ve been featured extensively across media platforms and have had the honor to click celebrated peopleand innumerable celebrations of love.

We’re still robbers...But the kind you’d fall in love with.



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