Shahid Hashmi has been a successful commercial photographer for several years, some of his clients include Goethé Institute, Ireo, Sikorsky Aircrafts, LCS International, GASCO, Discover ME, ADCO, Network International etc. Shahid has travelled widely through Europe, Africa, The Americas, Middle East, Melanesia, and the Indian subcontinent for over thirty-five years. During his travels, Shahid captures the immense beauty of our planet, its people & the incredible and untold stories of their everyday life. Each of these expeditions has been a unique challenge and a fulfilling experience for him. During his expeditions, Shahid intimately engages with the people he meets, and documents their indigenous and unique lifestyle and culture. Over the years Shahid’s engagement with the cultural landscape of the places he visits and its threatened and endangered indigenous cultures has grown manifold, and he has been documenting this in his ongoing project, ‘Cultural Heritage of the world’. Shahid has been conducting workshops for Nikon School MEA for several years, he has also been leading photography tours for Nikon Premium Members. Shahid is also a #NikonLegend. He is also featured in the Nikon 100 years celebration videos. Shahid’s work has been exhibited widely in the UAE, the US, India and Europe. Shahid has been leading and teaching On Location Photography workshops around the world for several years.

Shahid is also the Lead Producer for Open Show UAE (



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