Photography is when art marries technology in a poetic celebration of reality. It is the perfect creative tool to freeze time and create manifold stories out of a single context.

Delhi-based photographer SPS Kalra pursued his passion for photography almost 20 years ago besides running a successful business. A self-taught photographer, whose passion turned into a profession in 2000 when he started a photography school in the heart of Delhi, Naraina, for free.

His students come from all walks of photography such as beginners, amateur photographers and skilled learners who wish to further enhance their understanding of the many facets of the art. From an intense theoretical engagement in studio to a practical hands-on approach outside, his lessons go beyond the conventional style of learning.

Studios are the most exciting place in the world for a photographer, especially an aspiring one and this is where SPS’s genius comes to play. Owing to the knowledge and creative liberty he has developed over the years, SPS set out to create his own canvas of reality using different elements of the outside world in a studio; introducing him to the world of fashion and product photography. His unique vision in portraying fashion as a product and a product as a trend shaped his own version of advertising aesthetics. 

Browsing through his digital portfolio on Instagram, the Vogue of social media platforms, you’ll be introduced to square frames galore depicting cinematic portraits of models with a dramatic backdrop. This composition of vivacious and metallic tone gives these pictures a sanguine flavor.



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